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Ex shinra Electric power corporation


Welcome to the (ESEPC) clan site!

Nov 28, 2005:
Two new mods and one website link has been added. Check both of them out!

Nov 20, 2005:
I have modify The clan's Bio in the "About clan Ex shinra" and added the music from the one in The "about me" Calgory. Thats about it for today then.
More News:
I added 3 New mods in the "Mod downloads" calgory. If you want your mod on my website, email me the mod and i'll post it on there.

Nov 19, 2005:
Good news everyone, I Did a few changes to the clan site but mostly all the old stuff are still here. A Few new links has been Added on the "Website link" calgory! Some u may know of, some u don't. Check it out! Also, 3 New mods has been Added! Check that out as well!

October 26, 2005:
Vehicles mod has been add! Whoever plays unreal 1 or gold, Go to the mod download calgory to download it NOW!

October 11 2005:
Our new Ex ShinRa banner has been Edited by me!
Oh and also I remove the bleach picture, because it doesn't look good on the homepage. more updates will be up later on.
P.S., the logo on the left side surpose to be X for "Ex ShinRa Electric Power Company", REMEMBER THAT!

Sept 19 2005:
The Turks has been Created!  The leader of the Turks is "Phantompain".Theres one change in the force, Five rankings thats all. If you want to join, join the clan first, than second, register on the board.

Sept 14 2005:My new ranking list board is up! the exshinra clan memberlist won't be added on anymore. if you wish to join my clan, join my forums!

Sept 1 2005:
Bad news everyone, i won't be able to upload maps onto my website because it wouldn't let me. but on the other hands, mod Downloads will be updated later on, so just stick with that!
More news:
Oh no, school is starting again, it has been a fun summer this year, i hope the next one will be more fun than this year.

Augest 22 2005:
My new mod Downloads is up! only unreal 1 mods though, but new mods from this game and other games will be added on later. If you wish to add your mod onto my site, you know where to email me. 
More news:
coming soon, map downloads will be added on the clan site. DON"T MISS IT!

Augest 17 2005:
Three new games has been added to the forums:ut2003, counter strike and battlefield 2. they are going to be on the ex shinra clan war room. If u're still not a member of my clan forum, please join NOW!
more news:Hypercoop has now made a second server(Beta only)! it has been open 1 week ago, and he is using Jcoopz on his server. Hypercoop's server's diffcultty is "hard" so if anyone who plays unreal 1 or gold should go to his server right now(or later)!

Augest 16 2005:
Welcome to the clan (ESEPC) homepage! see my forums in the ex shinra forum toor bar. look up my wallpapers in the wallpaper tool bar. linka u can go to in the links tool bar. look at my info about me in the about me tool bar. Also this clan only plays:unreal 1 or gold, ut2004, diablo 2 and diablo 2 lord of distruction(new games will be added later onto the news and the forums).


Main objective:Our goal is to become the top ranks of the gamespy game awards. When we recieve the award, i will share with it to u ppl in my clan!

need help? any ideas for this site? contact me at:deathhunter031@hotmail.com


"Ex Shinra Electric Power Corperation"
@ Copyright 2005